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Between the ninth and tenth centuries, the ancestor Berardo has chosen the mountain of Labro  as the perfect spot to establish his noble family base. Approximately 700 years later, in 1624, the Nobili family united with the Vitelleschi family, with the marriage of Girolamo de'Nobili and Virginia Vitelleschi. The two surnames were added together in order to continue the legacy of the Vitelleschi’s, who had a woman as their last descendant.  The union of the two families is represented in their new coat of arms, and their descendants since Berardo, the Nobili Vitelleschi, still live in Labro, in a part of their ancient fortification.


You can visit the Castle accompanied by a descendant of the family, and learn about the history and authenticity of the place. The diversity of the spaces in the Castle and the sequence between them allows to create various types of events.


To discover and feel the atmosphere of the place, as well as the landscapes that surround it, a day can not be enough. You can then stop for one or more nights in some of the castle rooms.


Labro is surrounded by lakes, mountains, waterfalls, rivers and medieval villages that fit perfectly in the beautiful landscape.



Cultural association

Castello Nobili Vitelleschi


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